Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newest Staff Member

We would like to welcome our newest staff member, Rudy Boribon to the Tongabezi team.

Rudy Boribon comfortably heads the entire Tongabezi team. He has settled at Tonga following an illustrious career in tourism that included highlights such as organizing the Mauritius wedding for KK and Tina Rosberg. A natural chief, his first memories are of leading his sister by the hand and he credits his father with teaching him the discipline it takes to run a big organization effectively. As a happy little boy he worshiped his older brothers and dreamt of being the Captain of a Cargo ship – he followed his vision and briefly did take to the seas but today he is far happier in a small boat on the Zambezi! His fantasy dinner companions would be Che Guevara and Ava Gardner, he is happy to discuss politics and religion and his pet hate is repeating the same instruction 20 000 times!

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